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This website is about Slunnie's Land Rovers, their build ups, their use, their adventure and their abuse.

Hopefully you will find this site to be a great resource of entertainment and also tech for your own build ups..

The focus of the site is on:

1. Local 4WD tough trips. There is a core group of us that like to push our skills, our trucks and our luck. Many of the photos are from these trips, and regularly we seem to come unstuck.

2. The modifications that I've done to my Discovery II, in order to make it a great touring 4WD, and at the same time be able to rub shoulders with those that like to get gnarly with it in the bush. There has been a lot of effort put into this truck to get it setup the way it is, and the modifications are generally all layed out here.

3. The reincarnation of my old Series Landy known as Ute2 into a bush animal. The engine is changed to a Rover petrol V8, the axles changed to Landcruiser units, with LC power steering, sitting on 37" tyres. Yet to come is linked suspension, the radiator, full Toyota brakes, and the LPG gas system. No doubt an exo roll cage will come too.  *** Ongoing build progress of Ute2 at: Reincarnation build report, Reincarnation gallery  ***

4. The rebuild of Packer, and 1972 Land Rover IIa 6cyl trayed ute. Found as a mouse eaten, spider infested ornament in a Willow Tree shed, this is the story of how it is being brought back to life.  *** Ongoing build progress of Packer at: Packers build report, Packers rebuild gallery  ***


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Gallery: Trailer 2021 build photos

Forum: Trailer 2021 story on the design and build of an enclosed flip lid multi-purpose trailer.



Gallery: Packers Rebuild progress photos. The strip and rebuilding of a 72 IIa 6cyl ute. Aiming for an LROC Expo debut.

Forum: Packers rebuild story on how the rebuild is going.


Gallery: Ute2 progress photographs.! Itís certainly taking shape and now driving!
Gallery: Watagans Pole to Pole for a challenging day out! 1 day to drive down a hill, and then back up!

Gallery: TD5 history and development article from LROI magazine.
Gallery: Windera inclusion of monthly photos of my property at Windera Ė Itís like watching the pasture grow.

Gallery: Hay River trip photographs! Now this was a journey!
Gallery: Watagans playing in the mud and on the Hills! Includes Ross' new Bushie!
Gallery: Roof Cracks on the tops of the B pillars in the D2 after Cape York. Was it the rack or the track!

Modifications: Discovery2 modifications data has been updated to reflect the current status of the vehicle.
Modifications: LandRover V8 ute modifications data has been finally added! Brief, but never the less now in place.
Forum: Cape York report now with pics added or each day!
Gallery: Tom Wood's driveshaft imported from the US - pics of the 1310DC setup and adaptors for the Disco2.
Gallery: Tuff Truck 07 photos from Milbrodale.
Gallery: Ross' edition of Man from Snowy River in a Range Rover!

Gallery: A 3 day camping jaunt through the ZigZag, Lake Lyall and Kanangra walls area to the west of the Blue Mountains!

Forum: Ute2 finally goes under the knife! The continuing Reincarnation build report from stocker, to wild!
Gallery: Ute2's Reincarnation - the complete photo gallery as it happens.
Gallery: Gonzo and Amanda's wedding photos from Sydney Harbour.
Gallery: Run onto Stockton beach for a bit of fun and a meal at Anna Bay pub.

Gallery: The recently acquired Rangie donor truck. My gas system provided for the IIa 100" beast!

Gallery: Pics and video of 4WDing Whitemans lane and the 2hr loop in the Watagans.

At long last, the well overdue stories, dramas and good times from our Cape York adventures 2006!
Forum: The daily report from the Top end
Gallery: The pictures to complete the Top end stories

Gallery: The latest vehicular aquisition - A rebuilt 1960 LandRover Series II traytop to be known as Ute2 .

Gallery: My Mum's realisation of a dream as she finally walked the Kokoda Trail!

Gallery: Our visit to Hartleys Croc farm in Cairns.

Gallery: LROC Expo 06 where my Discovery2 won "Best modified 4WD".

Site: Addition of Hay River website for an upcoming trip.(source: Westprint Hay River CD)
OziExplorer Map files
OziExlorer Waypoints
Hay River articles

Gallery: WeRock Round1 Bathurst.16/4/06.

Gallery: Outers trip 12/3/06.

Gallery: Pictures of the Toyota LC60 axle installation on the IIa and the coil spring conversion for the rear as it is pushed from 88" to 100" in the wheelbase.
Gallery: New Overlander photo competition (FFF) section under "Miscellaneous".

Gallery: "Put up or Shut up" comp, Rover Park 7-8 Jan 06.

Gallery: Pics from a 2week jaunt onto Fraser Island.

Gallery: Pics of 4WDing Killingsworth on the Central Coast.

Gallery: Pictures of the additional auto transmission radiator.

Main Pages: Discovery II modifications pages updated.

Gallery: 4WDing Slippery Rock Rd and then Rope Road in the Watagans.

Gallery: 4WDing with Overlander to Lithgow Zig-Zag bush.

Gallery: BBM Open day.... with a Ramp!!! RTI575@30 degrees (RTI841@20 degrees)

Gallery: It had been a while since a drive on Stockton Beach, so off we went!

Gallery: Comparitive pics of Roverworks Intercooler to standard.
Gallery: Pics of the radiator cleaning wand.

Forum: New information on manufacturing a steel rear bar, and how to find the CDL nut.

Gallery: Todays trip to Awaba! Lots of clay, bog tyres and zilch traction!.

Website: Website rebuilt using Dreamweaver, departing from the constraints of phpWebsite.

Gallery: Completed steel rear bar buildup pics for the Discovery2.

Gallery: Pics from the weekends camping run in the Watagans. Hell hill, ZigZag, beadpop hill with the double steps from hell and Whitmans lane.

Gallery: Added trip pics from Mt Airlie 0105, and Lithgow 0405. Also a few more pics of the Landy IIa under 4WD's album.

Site: Introduction of a modifications menu for the trucks. More info in these to come.

Gallery: Todays trip to the Watagans. Lotza mud!

Gallery: Pics from the Overlander trip to Lake Lyall (Jun 04) and to the Watagans (Mar 05) and a trip to Lithgow (Mar 03)

Gallery: Initial pics of the LandRover Series 3 brake pedal onto Hilux booster/master cylinder conversion for the IIa as part of an upgrade to run full Hilux braking.

Gallery: Trips pics to Yalwal and Watagans 0205 added.

Gallery: Updated pics of the IIa ute conversion and V8 conversion. Probably the last pics for a while on this. The V8 is in, but the ancillaries need fitting. The ute conversion is on, though needs further "fitting."

Gallery: Pics of the IIa's ute conversion (in progress) and the beginnings of the V8 conversion (in progress).

Gallery: Added some pic folders of: Overlander Watagans trip, a few other trips to the Watagans, Slippery Rock Rd, Rope Rd, Cabbage Tree Lane, Jenolan, Kurrajong, Briar Station, Lake Lyall, Appin and Winchbreak pass. All in the name of fun 4WDing.

Forum + Gallery: Test fitting of 285/75-16 tyres to a D2 with 2" lift.
Forum: Ground Hawg day. Fitting 38's to the IIa.

Gallery: New pics of IIa X-over steering, IIa SPOA conversion onto Hilux axles, The actual IIa, Tuff Truck 05, Lithgow Trip, Rope Rd trip, Snowy high country trip.