Discovery II - Steering and Suspension

4" lifted suspension - touring specification.

Springs have been manufactured to my own specifications by Lovells Springs in Sydney. They are designed as a touring spring and are relatively stiff for a Land Rover, but still work exceptionally well in all terrain. The front springs provide a 4" lift over standard ride height, and are rated at 230lb/in. At this height they have the ability to maintain the ride height with the weight of the bullbar, winch and other accessories on the front of the vehicle. Rear springs are also designed and manufactured to spec by Lovells and produce a 4 - 4.5" lift, with a rate of 300lb/in progressing to 340lb/in after 25mm of compression travel from normal ride height. This is to provide a softer unladen ride, and still improve the load carrying performance of the vehicle.

Shocks are manufactured by Bilstein in the front and the rear. The front shocks are standard Bilstein shocks to suit the rear of a GU/GQ Nissan Patrol. These are quite stiff and provide a lot of suspension control for outstanding performance. Lower bar pins from Rancho Aust (Castle Hill) have been used and are significantly stronger than the factory units. Rear shocks are highly modified 6100 series Bilstein 10" buggy shocks. These have had the rates adjusted to a linear 400/100 rate, and had the heim mounts removed and replaced with bushes. The bush replacement was due to heim noise levels when worn. All bushes have been replaced with polyurethane bushes. 2x stone guards are fitted to each rear shock to help prevent any damage.

Polyair helper springs have been added to the rear suspension to assist in carrying heavy loads when laden for touring. It is running the 2" lift polyair kit with an additional 2" spacer to provide for my 4" suspension lift.

Steering damper has been replaced with a Bilstein Discovery2 spec damper.

Bumpstops have been extended to prevent the shocks from bottoming out, and the front springs from binding. These are 2" longer than standard.

Ext Brake/ABS lines. Brake lines have been extended using replacement rubber hoses manufactured by the local brake specialist. ABS lines have had extensions included which have been manufactured by Wabco, the manufacturer of the ABS system in the Discovery.

Relocated X-member in the front has been done to prevent the front propshaft from making contact. This has been done by including a spacer inbetween the X-member and the body, which results in a lower height..

Watts linkage has had minimal clearancing performed on it to allow the lower link to clear the axle mounts when the entire axle is at full drop. This was done with a die grinder.

Steering Stop Extensions have been carried out due to the larger tyres on standard offset rims. The steering stops have had a washer placed behind each stop to space it out for the 33" tyres, and 5mm washers used for the 34/35" Simex tyres.