Discovery II - Interior

Canvas car seat covers have been used in the front seats. These are manufactured by Black Duck in Western Australia and chosen for their reputation and fit quality. These seat covers are excellent in manufacture, though a little on the pricey side. They have provided a hard wearing cover that is water and mud proof, which is excellent for 4WDing, and also for my K9 passenger. In terms of comfort, canvass is not the most luxurious material in the world, though it is better than vinyl.

Rubber floor mats have been bought from the local K-mart to prevent mud and sand from being rubbed into the carpet. These help significantly in the never ending and near impossible task of keeping a carpeted 4WD clean.

MP3/CD/Radio player + 6 stack CD player from Sony has been installed for in car entertainment. The drive for the replacement unit stemmed from a continually failing series of factory units that were especially susceptible to dust, which prevented the CD's from ejecting. The interim replacement unit from Sanaui proved to be just as susceptible, though at least it plays MP3's. This head unit has been replaced with a Sony unit that is designed to be water and dust proof using their "control blade" dust resisting system. The 6 stacker was also a nice edition that came with the unit for free. The beauty of MP3's is that it makes stackers redundant, so out the door they fly!.

UHF communications between reasonable local vehicles has been taken care of by a GME TX3400 remote face unit. The bulk of the body sits under the dash and out of sight, whereas the face only is mounted on the dash in a discrete position. This unit is easy to install in a position that makes it present as a semi factory installation. Aerials for the unit are a combination of units depending on the driving scenario. There is a GME AE409L 6db wire type which is small and pedestrian friendly for town driving, an AE4705 being a 4.5db 1.2m fibreglass unit for scrub work, and an AE4706 6db 2.1m fibreglass unit for remote travel. All aerials attach to a bar mounted spring base from the 4700 series aerial set.

Cargo Barrier from Milford has been installed behind the rear seats. The purpose of the barrier is to prevent any luggage in the boot area from becoming a projectile in the even of an accident or animal strike. The other advantage of the barrier is that it allows gear to be stacked quite literally to the roof, which is especially important as the Discovery has a short but tall boot area.

Shelves have been home made, with its use being made possible with the previous installation of a cargo barrier. There has been an evolution in the design of the shelves. The first model being loaded with 60 litres of diesel, 40 litres of water, a 9kg gas bottle and luggage failed 1/2 a day into the Simpson Desert, and the subsequent model was redesigned. The current version is extra heavy duty, has made was for the inclusion of a low height fridge on the left, and storage bins on the right. The design also helps to stabilise gear stored on the deck from moving around. Covered in boating carpet, it should be durable and resistant to fluid damage.

Fridge has been produced by EvaKool, in their ED50 model. After having an esky produced by EvaKool with absolutely stunning results (2.5weeks in the Desert, returning with ice, 1week + on Fraser Island in the middle of summer with ice), I decided to go back to Evacool. This fridge is built using the same Esky as the one I have, only with a Danfross refidgeration element. You cant go wrong, and the purchase was made. Power is provided by the factory rear power outlet. The fridge is mounted into the rear of the Discovery using a Piranha fridge slide, which was about the only fridge slide to house the EvaKool and still allow it to slide totally out from the storage system, clear of the shelf above. The Piranha unit looks well made and so far is rattle free.

GPS navigation is in place, with a vehicle mounted Garmin Map colour GPS unit which has been hard wired and runs a snorkel mounted external aerial.